Find Relevant Buyers

Find Relevant Buyers

Within your diary, click either the Add New button or click on an available appointment slot. If you’re asked to choose an option, select 'Create Appointment'.

To find relevant buyers we recommend you use a combination of the filters shown in the list below to narrow your search. The filters are based on the products and services buyers are interested in sourcing. There is no requirement to select a day however you may if the option is presented.

You may also be provided the option of a sublevel to filter the list further.

Click Search once you have chosen the filters that are relevant to you (please note the available filters may vary from event to event.

You will then be presented a list of attendees who have mutually available times. You may choose the day (if it was not specified in your search) and select a mutually available time for one buyer, add a message and click send.

Once the request is sent you may send another request to another buyer for the same or a different time.

Please note: - Buyers receive multiple requests from different exhibitors for the same time therefore we recommend you send requests to multiple buyers for the same time – there is no need to wait for a buyer to accept or decline a request before sending an additional request at that time.

When you return to your calendar you may view the status of all requests sent using the 'Meeting Request Sent' button.