• Use this landing page on your site - INFO ONLY. DELETE BEFORE USE.

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    You can also download the cheat sheet with tips for building the perfect landing page.

  • 4-6 words prompting the action

    Show Name & Edition

    • 3-5 benefits listed short & sweet
    • Consider your audience (visitors/exhibitors?)
    • Quantify it: how many people/products/exhibitors/conferences?
    • What will they get free with their ticket?
    Register Free
    Register your interest

    Use this space for a video, image or testimonial

    It is critical that this element does not steal focus. When a user opens the page the first element they notice should be the call to action.

    If it’s the image, consider toning down the brightness.

    Bear in mind that if you use a video, it may detract from the number of click-throughs to the next page. Recommend a split test with/without if you want to use a video.

  • Guidelines for calls to actions - INFO ONLY. DELETE BEFORE USE.

    • Short & sweet (2-4 words)
    • with a strong action orientated verb: Download, Get, Start , Register, Login. Avoid weak ones like Participate, Understand, Engage etc.
    • Keep it simple; state exactly what visitors will get when they click
    • Speak in 1st person e.g. Get my badge not Get your badge
    • If you asked your user “what they were trying to do”, what would they say? Use that as the CTA e.g. “Register” or “Download the app” or “Get ratecard prices”
    • Test an optimise regularly – find the winner for your event. Speak to DM for help running split tests