Add stand sharers

Add stand sharers

If you’re a Main Stand Holder, you can add sharers to your stand. These sharers will have permission to login and create their own company profile.

Use the 'Quick Links' at the bottom of the home page to add/manage sharers.

Alternatively, click on 'Stand Sharers' within your exhibitor portal.

Here you will be able to see how many sharers you're entitled to add – this is based on what you have agreed on with your sales person. You can add a new sharer by clicking on the 'Create new sharer' button.

Note: If you can't see the Create Sharer button, or if you would like to increase your sharer entitlement, please contact the Sales team.

Fill in the relevant details for your new stand sharer and click 'Save'.

Note: An automated email with their portal login details will be sent out to the sharer using the email address you input here, so ensure that it is correct before you click 'Save'.

When your sharer is added, they will automatically be published and activated on the website. If you would like to unpublish your sharer then you can untick the 'published' check box and click 'Update'. The sharer will then receive a cancellation email confirming they are no longer exhibiting at the event.

Hosted Buyer events only

Note: If you do unpublish your sharer, their hosted buyer appointments will be cancelled. If you then republish the same sharer, those appointments will not be reinstated in their diary. Please make sure you definitely want to cancel them before proceeding to unpublish a sharer.

Access your sharer’s profile

To access your sharer's profile, click on their company name. You will then see the following pop-up window, click 'Continue'.

You will then be taken to their Company Profile page, where you can then navigate your way through their portal.