How to maximise Hosted Buyers selecting you

How to maximise Hosted Buyers selecting you

The majority of matched appointments occur through a mutual match where both the buyer and the exhibitor request to meet each other - it is important that you complete your full profile to ensure buyers can find you.

To start, click on the 'Edit your profile' button next to your company name.

As you begin building your company profile, you can add basic details such as your company name, description, logo and website.

The company profile details you add here are what Hosted Buyers will see when selecting preferences, as well as your online profile in the exhibitor directory. Start by completing your company details, ensuring all mandatory fields – indicated by a red asterisk (*) - are filled in.

Note: You can return to change or add more information at any stage, but remember that Hosted Buyers may be preparing this information is included in the printed directory, so it's best to add it as soon as you can.