How creating a meaningful brand experience is key to engaging with your clients



Your average consumer is exposed to more than 5,000 advertising or promotional messages a day. The direct consequence of this is that your client is also getting smarter at avoiding any types of advertising messages. Advertising avoidance is the new quiet consumer revolt. Different types of media create different types of avoidance behaviour, from TV channel zapping to mouse clicking; they have changed the station and unfollowed you. Your brand is gone, to be quickly replaced by the next.


The IBTM portfolio has recognised that exhibitors at our events need to be smart about how they portray their product. We no longer live in the Don Draper/Mad Men era where we can brainstorm a powerful sales line, turn it into an ad and be successful. What is left if you want to stand out from the crowd? Your key competitive advantage is to create an unique brand experience that allows you to interact face to face and engage emotionally with your target audience.


The king of brand experience is Apple. How many people buy an iPhone over an android or blackberry – purely because it is an Apple product? Apple doesn’t spend its time telling consumers how the new iPad works or describing its new features. Apple engages their target audience by showing them an experience that they want to be a part of.


View this ad (link


At the end, do you know any of the features of the new iPad? No. In fact, there is narration through the entirety of this 90 second ad and yet the word iPad (what is being sold) and the word Apple (the company) are not spoken once. You end up being inspired and want to be a part of this movement as you believe in similar values that ultimately engage you at an emotional level. Furthermore, you feel part of their community. Apple talks to your values, your emotional cortex and engages you in a meaningful brand experience.


We may not be Apple (or have their budgets!!!) but in our industry there is a huge opportunity to engage your target audience in a meaningful brand experience and build on this with targeted brand awareness campaigns through sponsorship and branding opportunities. At CIBTM, by taking up a sponsorship opportunity you immediately align your brand with China’s leading meetings, incentives and business travel exhibition, and thereby instantly create a meaningful brand association. Now, it’s time to take it one step further.


Experts agree that there is a wide range of benefits that can be gained from sponsorship apart from the often touted increased visibility. These include increasing your customers’ knowledge of your product or service, generating sales leads, maximising engagement and brand exposure resulting in a better relationship with both old and new customers. Remember that your target audience is in the perfect mindset to receive your message and ultimately engage face to face with you.


Selecting a sponsorship at CIBTM allows you to design a brand experience that increases your brand exposure and generates strong brand engagement turning your audience into loyal customers. Brand advocacy is the Holy Grail of sponsorship marketing. The main power lies in the fact that you already have an engaged and dedicated audience – there is no ‘switching the channel’ or ‘unfollowing’ your brand when the sponsorship message occurs at a live event. It is the most effective medium for cut through. Each company will find different branding opportunities to suit their needs and highlight their brand. There is a myriad of sponsorship opportunities to ensure there is a perfect fit for every brand to create a powerful impact.


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